Hope for Blue

Hope for Blue


About Hope for Blue

Hope for Blue is an Air Quality Alarm for Your Family. Hope for Blue is a simple to set-up device that alerts your family to the air quality in Beijing through a simple color system. Hope for Blue is here to help families stay informed and safe from air pollution.


Within the Hope for Blue device, there is a Arduino-compatible Microcontroller Visualight Board designed by Incredible Machines, a sparkfun wifly shield and a Visualight LED module.


Originally I have the AQI information from BeijingAir’s XML information page directed on to my own web page with the help from Sam Thurman through Javascript. However the Arduino cannot pick up the AQI because it is written in Javascript. With help from my professor, Joseph Saavedra now I have the AQI from Beijing Air’s XML page  directed to my AQI web page through this simple php code.

When you go my AQI web page, you will see a number displayed in the browser. It is the AQI number that Beijing Air published. Base on this number Hope for Blue will change color according to this chart:

Below is the specimen for the component of the enclosure of the product. I have laser-cutted two plexiglass for the front and the back of the inclosure and 5 rings of the shape of the cloud to stag up for the sides of the cloud.



How It Works

Hardware: RN-XV WiFly Module

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