Imagined Body – Prosthetics for Expression

Imagined Body – Prosthetics for Expression

Imagined Body is a kinetic wearable piece. It enhances human’s ability in expressing one self by using body language. The piece utilizes mechanical technology and fashion construction to enhance human physical expression. The mechanics in this piece are tied with human body’s kinesthetic movements. The wearer activates the piece when he moves his arms naturally without the help of electricity.

Imagined Body from Yuchen Zhang on Vimeo.


My inspiration came from costumes for festivals and rituals in different cultures. In the picture below is a traditional costume of Sardinia, Italy. A person who wears this costume would perform with a set of body language to fit the essence of an character. Often, people create these characters based on animal forms and behavior. When animals communicates with each other, they take advantage of the form of their physical body and send each other messages with specific body movements.

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 1.07.11 PM

Imagined body piece helps its wearer to become a new self and character by modify his body shape and behavior. When a person wears it, he can be bigger and more magnificent. When he folds his arms in front him to protect himself, the piece close around his head. This creates a protection around him, at the same time his need of protection is more visible to others and can make him more vulnerable.






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