Kinetic Body
Wearable Technology

Kinetic Body is a kinetic wearable piece. It enhances the wearer’s body movements to better communicate his or her emotions. The piece utilizes both mechanics and fashion construction techniques. The mechanics in this piece are tied to the human body’s kinesthetic movements. The wearer activates the piece seamlessly simply by moving his arms.
The individual components are made with laser-cut acrylic, neoprene and monofilament. The technology in this project is fitting mechanical structure around a human body. To make sure the wearer will be comfortable in this piece, the mechanical structure is created in modules. The laser cut pieces are sequenced together with neoprene around the wearer’s neck. In this way, the piece functions mechanically but also can fit around the wearer’s neck comfortably.

Photography by Alex Tosti
Photo retouch by Yuchen Zhang.


Photo by Daniel Mastretta