ZipBack Jacket
Accessible Style For All Abilities

The Zipback Jacket is a creative fashion tech solution for a sixteen-year-old teenager, Justin Moy. Justin was born with muscular dystrophy and was diagnosed at the age of six months old. Justin and his mother, Prow, were looking for a jacket that is warm, comfortable and easy to take on and off.

I joined a team of fellows at MIT's Open Style Lab as lead designer to design a jacket that meets the needs of Justin's unique anatomy. We shortened the front of the jacket reduce fabric bunch underneath Justin's torso, and lengthened the back to provide full cover for his back and bottom. We also created a custom tailored sleeve pattern that provides room for his undershirt sleeves while reducing fabric bunch around his elbows. Besides creating a better fitting jacket for him, we also experimented with different designs for easier and faster donning and doffing for Justin and his caretaker. After a few test we realized a simple solution worked the best: a jacket with a long zipper in the back and an additional zipper in the front. With both zippers opened Justin has ample room to maneuver in and out of the jacket, turning an everyday struggle into a comfortable routine.


Special thanks to the support from Alex Tosti , Polartec , Bemis and the Woolmarks company .