Designing Across Disciplines

UX Design

Prototypes and designs site maps, wireframes, and user experiences

Designs, prototypes, and user tests web sites, mobile sites and applications, wearable platforms, and systems.


Builds art, design, and photography direction development. Creates logo design, brand systems and brand style guides. Designs brand collateral items including, print, signage, web sites and other applications.

Wearable Tech

Conducts market research, marketing and sales strategy. Creates interaction and industry design for wearable tech ecosystems. Prototypes, programs and fabricates both conceptual and commercial interactive clothing and accessories.


Yuchen's Design Process

The goal is to define the vision for the client and the brand. Sometimes it also helps to find out why a client has approached me to work on this project.

I often interview the client and the stakeholders with a set of questions designed for their project.

These questions help me to find out the following:

  • What is the pain point for the client
  • Why is the client looking for me to design or redesign their brand?
  • What is the project scope, time, location?
  • Who are the audience and stakeholders for this project?

To make sure I have a solid understanding of the brand challenge with the information I gathered, I generally create these items:

  • A design brief that includes the problem, solution, support information around this project.
  • A list of design criteria: a list of descriptive words that reflect the principles I will follow in designing this project.
  • Supporting graphics and textures
  • A visual representation of the brand personality.

Art direction is where I prototype a brand visual direction. This makes sure my vision for the brand matches my client, team, and the brand. To present an art direction, I generally create a mood board, including:

  • Typography style
  • Color systems
  • Supporting graphics and textures
  • Photography collectively shows the lifestyle and sometimes a feeling the brand may have. Some photos show an interior design, product design, objects, or animations that may fit the brand.

Design direction is where I actually start to design multiple directions of brand systems.

Depending on the brand’s nature, I may also include simple mockups of collateral items to test how this brand system may work in different scenarios. This may include:

  • Logomark, logotype
  • Color systems
  • Typography system
  • Secondary graphics or illustrations
  • Website homepage mockup in desktop and mobile view
  • Print items design such as business card, postcard, letterhead

After receiving feedback, I will refine the chosen design direction(s) to help the client and my team confirm the brand details.

Sometimes this step includes refining the logo mark to be able to display in all sizes. Sometimes I may refine the color systems.

Once refining the chosen direction is finished. I should have a well-crafted set of tools for this brand that I can use to create collateral items for the company.


The type of items depends I may expand on after the branding process depends on the nature of the brand. They may include the following:

  • Print items, including designing business cards, letterhead, postcards, and bookmarks, etc.
  • Email Signature
  • Email template
  • Responsive Website
  • Mobile App UX and UI Design

Some of these items are so complex that they become their own project with its own process!


From Big Agencies To Start Ups

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Wearable Media

Co-founder and CEO, New York, US, 2016-Present.

Launched our music lifestyle product line. Managed, designed, and prototyped consultancy and internal projects.

Parsons School of Design

Lecturer, New York, US, 2017 - Present

Developed class curriculum, taught design and interactive courses in MFA Design & Technology as well as BFA Integrated Design.


Freelance Creative Technologist, New York, US, 2015 - 2016

Launched and executed consultant and internal technology projects at the Crated (renamed as Loomia) for UX design, visual design, and rapid prototyping in fashion technology projects.

ABC Design Lab

Freelance Art Director, New York, US, 2015 - 2016

Created art and design directions for branding and collateral projects. Prototyped and designed interaction projects.

Red Antler

Senior Designer, New York, US, 2010 - 2013

Directed designers in creating branding concepts and brainstorming initiatives. Designed brand systems as well as UX design in wireframe, prototyping, user flow in web sites, and mobile apps.


Graphic Design Intern, Baltimore, US, 2010

Helped award-winning designer, Abbott Miller on projects such as signage, publishing, and packaging design.

Education & Skills

Designer With The Mind of An Engineer

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Parsons School of Design, The New School

Master of Fine Arts

Design & Technology

New York, US, 2013 - 2015

Maryland Institute College of Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Graphic Design

Baltimore, US, 2006 - 2010

Design Software

Professional in Adobe Series: Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and Premier Pro, Audition, Bridge, Dreamweaver. Proficient in Adobe Dimension, Fusion 360.

Interactive Prototyping

Proficient in prototyping user experiences such as basic HTML, Processing, Physical Computing, Arduino Programing, Processing Programing.

Industrial Prototyping

Proficient in fabrication skills, dropping, sewing, 3D modeling, 3D printing, laser cutting, mold building, sewing, draping.


A few notables.

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The Verge

New York, US, May 2019

“These Three Designers Make Wearables That Measure the World Around You”, Feature Story

LVMH Innovation Award Finalist

Paris, France, May 2018

LVMH Innovation Award Finalist

Center for Craft

Grant, New York, US, 2020

Receiver of the 2020 Materials-Based Research Grant with two other partners. Our project focuses on creating textile that respond to environment change.


Member, New York, US, 2017-2019

One of the selected company and entrepreneur.

The Pitch, Unilever

Residency, New York, US, 2016

Wearable tech designer in residency to bring creativity in workshops and creating interactive garments for Unilever’s creative space.

Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, PRATT Institute

Technology Fellow, New York, US, 2016 - 2017

Research fellow on e-textile as a medium for human-computer interaction.


Research Fellowship, Boston, US, 2016

Design research to create wearable experiences for people with disabilities.